Redefine how your customers engage with complex information.

Intelligent audit trail to mitigate future risk.


A personalised UX powers an intelligent audit trail

amplifi (patent pending) utilises Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make complex information (e.g. T&Cs, regulatory updates) easier to understand and engage with, based on the profile of a user.

As a customer navigates through a document, amplifi recommends further information to help improve their level of understanding; this is a dynamic process which is based on mapping the way that the customer is engaging with the content. Supporting content is then presented directly, based on the customer’s needs.

amplifi provides clients with an intelligent audit trail for regulatory reporting as well as improving customer experience and mitigating future risk.

amplifi has Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) “Direct Innovation Support“. 

Meet the team

Domain experts supported by a wider team of advisors and shareholders.

Minesh Patel

CEO, Founder



Jamie Stuart

Co-founder, Head of Product



Lazar Radenovic

Technology,  Expert Advisor (Shareholder)



Dr Alistair Moore

AI & ML, Expert Advisor (Shareholder)



Ewan Willars

Regulatory Lead, Expert Advisor (Shareholder)



Faith Reynolds

Consumer Finance Lead, Expert Advisor (Shareholder)



Simon Cross

Enterprise Security Architect, Expert Advisor (Shareholder)



Martin Hickley

Data & GDPR, Expert Advisor (Shareholder)